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Post Arrival
Once you land in Germany, you will need to take care of your accommodations, health insurance, enrollment, etc. Race ahead will support you through the whole process. You should start looking for a place to live as soon as you are accepted to the course for which you have applied. Depending on your needs and budget, this might be a university hostel, a private and shared apartment, or host family housing.
University hostels are close to the campus. Here, you can immerse yourself in student life with students from many other countries. You may also experience German culture by staying with a local family in private accommodations. It helps international students learn the language, accent, and manner in which they use the language. The majority of private institutions provide airport pick-up and transfer services, and many of them ask that you book them in advance. However, most public colleges do not provide this type of service. In such cases, you may choose "buddy services" or private accommodations.
Race ahead will assist you throughout the entire process of relocating to Germany.
If you do not make any arrangements, we will attempt to arrange an initial housing arrangement through students who are already enrolled in a course at the same university (only if we find someone who is interested and available). The final alternative is to book and stay in a nearby hotel or motel for a week before finding suitable accommodation with the help of the university's international office or with classmates and other students.
Apart from the accommodation, enrollment, health insurance or direct medical facilities, bank accounts, etc. are all immediately important things that you need to complete after arriving in a new country.
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