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Consulate Interview
With Race Ahead, you can be assured of being well prepared for your consulate interview. Keep in mind that the officer is there to determine whether you should be recommended for a visa for the purpose stated in your visa application, not for interrogation. 
The visa officials are typically neutral and kind. They have received extensive training for their job. They talk gently and never yell at anyone. They are also aware of your rights. You should be prepared to talk clearly and provide direct responses in plain language.
With Race Ahead, you can be assured of being well prepared for your consulate interview.
Few questions you can expect in your Visa interview: Do you know the purpose of your visit? Do you know what course(s) you are going to attend? Do you know the duration of the course/s? Do you know the name(s) of the university or institution(s) where you will attend the said study programmes? Do you know the tuition fees that you need to pay and the funds that you have in your position? What’s the form of the funds available to you? How did you manage to organise the funds? What do you expect from your studies? How will these studies help you in your future career? What’s your plan after completing your studies? However, this is not an exhaustive list, and officers can ask other relevant questions.
Other tips: Have good body language. Dress appropriately. Don't try to get any tips from other attendees in the visa office, either before or after the interview. Be prepared to take any phone calls from the consulate until they make a decision on your application.
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