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Admission Process
From sending a query to the university to enrolling in a programme, Race Ahead will guide you through each step of the admission process. Your admission process starts the moment you send a query to the university. Before taking this step, you should be clear about important details.
This includes details about the course, duration, tuition fees, stages of payment, admission fees, qualifications, type of documents, certifications, language and other test score cards, recommendations and referrals, personal statements, etc. While filling out the admission form, consider the form an extension of the interview process itself. Present yourself and the application better, and try to be very clear, transparent, and genuine with the university.  
Race Ahead will guide you through each step of the admission process.
Please note that some universities even have an admission condition for not refunding the fees paid by the student if they find any evidence of falsification (especially in the case of a visa refusal based on providing false information to the consulate).
Documents required for admission may include a completed application, Degree or diploma certificates, as well as all semester grades (consolidated grades alone are not considered sufficient by many universities), in some cases, semester transcripts will also be required to be provided, language proficiency and other test certificates are a must at some universities, a recommendation letter/s from a lecturer or professor and/or from the employer may be required, evidence of payment (a transfer report) of admission fees, if applicable, may be required and a copy of your passport. Most of the universities accept scanned or certified (notarized) copies.
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Visit our FAQ Page or get in touch with our Advisors. You can also find information about the application process under our Support Page.
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